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Accepting nominations for the Positions of Vice-President (Term to April 2021) and Treasurer

Submit your name now to be considered for election to the AMCA executive board at the 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting held on October 29, 2020 (further details to be announced).  On application submission, your name will be added to share with the membership your intent for election.  

If you have any questions on the election/nomination of board members contact

Nominations are being accepted for the position of Treasurer for the upcoming Virtual Annual General Meeting.

Nominations are being accepted for the position of Treasurer for the upcoming Virtual Annual General Meeting. Don’t be intimidated by the title – you don’t need to be an accountant or financial wizard to take on the role of Treasurer. This is an exciting leadership role that calls for your creativity, communication, and collaboration skills to help advance the activities of the Board.

Essentially, the role of a treasurer is to understand and control the flow of money that is coming in and out of the Association. We currently have well-managed accounts and this is where you come in.

Your duties across the year will include:

  • Overseeing and ensuring that up-to-date records of the AMCA income and expenditures are tracked and maintained (we have a bookkeeper for the day to day tracking of the accounts and generation of quarterly reports)
  • Approving and issuing payments
  • Planning the yearly budget (with input from the Executive Committee) and monitoring how this budget is used throughout the year.
  • Presenting the annual report on the Association finances to the membership at the AGM (there are templates for this)
  • Being the go-to person for any accounting questions that the association has.




  • for a term expiring April 2022
  • Submit your name for nominations
  • Nominees: 
    • Tyler Andreasen, Rocky View County (Director-at-Large)
    • Noreen Zhang, Town of Wembley (Director-at-Large)


There are 6 executive committee positions: president, secretary, treasurer, and three directors. There are also 2 auditor positions. Terms are for two years, and a person can sit for a maximum of two consecutive terms. 
Executive committee members and auditors are elected by the membership at the annual general meeting in April. The president and two of the directors are elected in odd-numbered years, and the secretary, treasurer, and one of the directors in even-numbered years. Auditors are elected as needed. 
Visit our Executive Committee page to see information about our current members and their terms.
Any member in good standing is eligible for nomination to the committee. Anyone interested in putting their name forward should be certain they have the time available to devote to executive responsibilities (keep reading for more information). And since these responsibilities are largely related to recruiting speakers for the conference and mid-year workshop, it's helpful if our executive members are in a position to attend other industry events where they are exposed to speakers and other experts.

Most responsibilities are divided between the executive team as time and interest allows. All members of the executive work together to: 

  • Coordinate the annual conference and AGM 
  • Coordinate at least one mid-year workshop 
  • Review and update the association bylaws, policies and procedures 
  • Provide content for the association website

Individual responsibilities include the following:

  • The president chairs the executive committee meetings and acts as the association's official representative.
  • The secretary prepares executive meeting agendas and takes the minutes for executive and member meetings. 
  • The treasurer receives all monies paid to the association, including annual membership fees and conference fees, and deposits them in the association's bank or invests them as appropriate. The treasurer also submits the annual financial statement and operating budget at the AGM.
  • The vice president assumes the responsibilities of the president when necessary, and is typically the member the executive will nominate to run for president at the subsequent election.
  • The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer positions are elected and have duties supported and outline in the AMCA bylaw (Link) .  The remaining directors are elected at large and responsibilities are determined at the board’s organizational meeting.
  • One director is selected by the committee to administer the website and weekly member e-newsletter.
Time commitment

Meeting schedule 

The executive meets face to face twice per year, once following the annual conference and AGM, and once in October, usually in conjunction with the mid-year workshop. There is also a monthly one-hour teleconference during working hours. 


Aside from the meetings, members of the executive typically commit between three to five hours a month to association activities. It depends on a member’s individual circumstances whether AMCA work can be carried out during working hours or as volunteer work during off-hours. 

Need more information? 

Get in touch any current member of the executive – click here for contact information. 

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